Pork Chop's Fables (Unreleased Demos)

by Pork Chop

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Set to be the followup album to Pork Chop for President, Pork Chop's Fables was never recorded or released. This is a collection of songs that were supposed to grace that record but never made it past the demo stage. A play on Aesop's Fables, Pork Chop's Fables were largely based on ideas from other literary works or personal life events turned into stories with twisted moral statements. Some of the songs from this era eventually made it onto later albums, and some songs on this collection were included on set lists from the Hatchers era. Still suffering in areas from lack of vocal and/or guitar technique, these recordings are still a leap foreword from previous recording and reveal the link between the early Pork Chop songs and the Mama's Spider Hatchery era. These recording were made on a Sony IC recorder in 2009/2010. During this time Pork Chop also began working and writing with other musicians, and some of these musicians and songs appear on this collection. ©Dustin Owens - 2010


released October 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Mama's Spider Hatchery Anderson, South Carolina

Mama's Spider Hatchery is a spider hatching organization dedicated to hatching spiders in the safest and most efficient possible manner while still providing the highest quality hatching spiders experience. Mama's Spider Hatchery also sponsors live music from The Hatchers, sometimes a five piece blues-rock band and sometimes just Pork Chop with an acoustic guitar and harmonica. ... more

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Track Name: Birds (of a feather)
Look at all the birds with their beaks in the sand
The seasons have changed and their time is at hand
The winds will turn and thrown the sand in their face
And all the little birds will fly away

The birds have flown but can't reach the clouds
They sing inside but they cry out loud
Too dumb or too scared to go against the wind
They just go up and come back down again

Except for one little bird so weak and so small
He sat on the ground and watched the other birds fall
Thin was his beak and weak were his wings
But that little bird could sing

And he sang his song up to the sky
In a voice so strong the wind could not hide
And one by one they came together
In one accord as birds of a feather
And they sang...

Now look at all the birds way up in the clouds
Singing their song and singing it loud
The old birds rest and the wind it sighs
It's their turn to fly
Track Name: The Adventures of Sir Fox
Sir Fox fell in a hole
On the side of the road
Then comes the goat
"What you doing there?"
"It's safe" Sir Fox declared
From the storm
Grey skies and blustery winds
So the goat jumped in
To the hole
Sir Fox jumped off his horns
From the hole he was born
And he was gone

Way up in a tree
With a chunk of meat
Sat the crow
Sir Fox just passing by
Looked on with envious eyes
As he spoke
"If the song you sing
My beauty of beak and wing
Were as sweet
I would surely die."
The crow cawed her cry
And dropped her meat

The rooster in his pen
Fox said "hello my friend
Have you heard?
Our great lion king
Has proposed a feat
Between beast and bird"
"That's great news" said the cock
"I can't wait to tell the dog
Here he comes"
"A dog!" Sir Fox squeaked
And before the cock could speak
He was gone
Track Name: Poor Bob
Poor Bob, Poor Bob
Poor Bob just wanted to play
But his heroes laughed every time he sang
Boy you better put down that guitar
Keep your mouth shut and just play your harp
You've got the heart but your effort is all in vain
Don't sob, poor Bob

Poor Bob, Poor Bob
Poor Bob tried to hitch a ride
But those Mississippi back roads aren't safe for a black boy at night
And down at the crossroads near Dockery's farm
Old Scratch tuned up Bob's guitar
You'll go far but you have to pay the price
Don't get robbed, poor Bob

Poor Bob, Poor Bob
Poor Bob seemed to be all right
But he could hear those hell hounds howling most every night
He could find a woman in every town
But not even the whiskey could quiet the hounds
You can't slow don't you'll have to leave tonight
Don't ever stop, poor Bob

Poor Bob, Poor Bob
Poor Bob sat down and cried
Poor Bob sat down with tears in his eyes and cried
Ol' Scratch knocking at your back door
But he ain't selling nothing you can afford
He won't be ignored and you've got no place to hide
Turn the knob, poor Bob
Track Name: KLMFBLB
Baby called me up said "come back home"
I made the wrong decision and just hung up the phone
Proceeded to the bar to drink away my pain
Sat alone in the corner sketching lines atop my veins
Karma like a mother fucker and the bad luck blues
I think I need another lover but I can't seem to choose

A pretty girl beside me with distance in her eyes
She seemed to need some cheer so I gave it a try
Tears like from a spigot barkeep asked me to leave
Another lonely night and another dripping sleeve
Karma like a mother fucker and the bad luck blues
I think I need another lover but I can't seem to choose

I made it to the car but I was too far gone to drive
I guess the gods were smiling on me the tank ran dry
I pushed it to the station but it was closed due to the snow
So I faced the nasty weather and marched down the road
Karma like a mother fucker and the bad luck blues
I think I need another lover and a faster pair of shoes

I watched the barflies pass me the brake lights never flash
I guess the snow was blinding or they were just too trashed
I came across the devil he was waste deep in the snow
He said "it's getting colder brother" I replied "I know
Karma like a mother fucker and the bad luck blues
I think we need some cover brother" he said "I got the place for you."